Extra Curricular Activities


Yoga is offered once a week by a well-known local yoga instructor. She incorporates movement, coordination, and concentration. Yoga gives the children the benefit of correct body posture, body awareness and self-confidence.


All of the children at Chesterbrook, including the infant/toddler class work in the garden. Chesterbrook has several small gardens that include flowers, plants, and vegetables. The children learn how to grow plants from sees, while nurturing and caring for them as they grow into mature plants. These lessons include and understanding and respect for nature and the gifts that it brings all of us. All the vegetables grown are donated to AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Community).


The following types of art work are available in the classroom: painting, gluing, and cutting. All help in developing artistic expression and fine motor skills.


Science materials and experiments are incorporated into the Montessori curriculum throughout the year in the classroom.


Spanish (Primary Program)

Spanish lessons are offered in the classroom by integrating the language into everyday experiences. Our teachers find natural ways to bring Spanish alive to the children through speech and written Montessori materials.



Music is a part of our daily routine. Our founder has created a culture of music using many different instruments. The music is a part of their daily world and it spills over into an understanding of planets, nature, social teachings and so much more. Many of our songs are educational and come from a well-known Montessorian Sanford Jones. Sanford is a frequent visitor to our school where he works with children and their families. Our annual holiday program is a tribute to our students' passion for music and the way it enriches all parts of life.