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Chesterbrook Montessori School Team

The founder of Chesterbrook Montessori School, Judy Balcazar Mercill is a firm believer in the Montessori philosophy. She has taught for over 50 years. She continues to teach and oversee the development of all the staff at Chesterbrook. Her passion with childhood development shows in everything she does which include all her interactions with the children and the inclusion of music into our daily work periods.


CMS prides itself with the longevity of its teachers and staff. The average tenure is ten years. All teaching staff--which include lead guides and assistants-- hold Montessori credentials. We pride ourselves in having dedicated teachers to the children. The teachers share their passion for the Montessori philosophy and it shows in the way they work, love and respect the children daily.

The toddler classroom team consists of one Montessori lead teacher and two Montessori assistants. This class contains 10-12 students. The Primary classrooms work with a team of four members. The primary classroom (at the Glebe Road Campus) consists of two Montessori trained teachers and one Montessori trained assistant. The primary classroom (at the Arlington Forest Campus) has a team of two Montessori trained teachers with two Montessori trained assistants. At this campus, the assistants also work in our extended day program to allow consistency for the children. 

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