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Our Programs

Chesterbrook Montessori School conducts half-day and full-day programs. Children attend school 4 (toddler program) or 5 (primary program) days a week to ensure consistency and continuity. Consistent days in a row supports the child's successful school experience.

Toddler Program

16 to 36 months of age

The toddler classroom is a caring and respectful community. Children gain self-care skills through the development of their senses and concentration. The classroom is specially prepared to support the child’s quest for independence and self-confidence.

Primary Program

Ages 3 to 6 

A Montessori education is a cumulative process that develops a child’s capacity for life-long learning. This happens through a period of time that allows a child to gain independence, build confidence, concentrate, and absorb his or her experiences with the Montessori materials.

Extended Day Program

(4 and 5 year olds)

Young children benefit from balanced periods of nourishment, rest, and activity in the afternoons. We have designed our program to meet these needs. Although we maintain the grace, courtesy, and independent spirit of a Montessori classroom, the Extended Day Program continues after the Montessori program ends at 12:00. Teachers plan arts and craft activities, music and movement games, outdoor play time, cooking activities, and more. The following is a brief overview of the afternoons in our program:

  • Outdoor Picnic or Indoor Lunch (depending on the weather)

  • Rest Time - Children may quietly rest, read books, or take a nap

  • Afternoon Activities - Students pick activities from the shelves, such as puzzles, art projects, dramatic play, building materials, etc. Most days, children also have optional art, cooking, music, or movement activities.

  • Outdoor Play - Children play on the playground, dig and plant in the soil, and take frequent nature walks

  • Story Time

  • Dismissal

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