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Toddler Program

16 to 33 months 

Toddler Program

16 to 36 months of age 

The toddler classroom is a caring and respectful community. Children gain self-care skills through the development of their senses and concentration. Under Montessori guidelines, the environment  is specially prepared to support the child’s quest for independence and self-confidence.

This unique environment is tailor made for the 16-36 month old child. The chairs, sinks, tables, shelves, toilets and mirrors are all sized for the toddler. The materials are not only functional but beautiful as well. They invite the toddler and appeal to his natural curiosity. The child is able to work independently with the materials and is free to explore and move about the room. The toddler can explore many concepts such as sequence, language, sounds, shapes and forms.


Life skills such as toilet learning, dressing, preparing food, sweeping and setting the table are all irresistibly available.

The toddler program encourages independence, social skills, natural curiosity, learning, and positive self-esteem.

Classroom Like a Home

The Montessori Toddler environment is much like a home. There are distinct areas for preparing and eating food, cleaning dishes, changing clothes and shoes, and toileting. In addition, there are gathering places for music, stories, individual work, and quiet moments. We emphasize language development, art, and other hand-work activities. In addition, the children build their social skills through interaction with adults and peers.

Outdoor Play

Toddlers are naturally drawn to explore the world around them. At CMS, the toddlers have daily opportunities to be outside in different kind of weather. It gives them opportunities for walking, running, and balancing practice. New items are added to the playground to help with further development of gross motor skills.

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